Queen’s face found in tree trunk

Queen Elizabeth’s face has been found in a tree trunk, according to a graveyard groundskeeper in Maryville, Tennessee.

Ernest Ward, 65, says workers discovered the amazing likeness of the monarch after the tree was damaged by violent storms which swept through the cemetery.

As staff, including female worker Joan Denney, sorted out the debris in Magnolia Cemetery at Montvale Road and Goddard Avenue, they spotted the astonishing ‘face’ in the felled tree branch.

Ernest said:”There was a great big limb that fell from an oak tree. So we had to cut it up and get rid of it. Denney and I were working up there. We were cleaning the mess up. I was up there in front of the shed and she come up through there carrying a log.

“I said, ‘Where you going with that?’ She said, ‘It’s going home with me.’ I said, ‘Well, there’s a lot more down there.’ She says, ‘I want this one.’

“And then she showed me. I’ll give it back to her, but I figured you might want to show it in the paper, just for the heck of it!

“There’s another guy that used to work there, said it was a spirit. Who he is, I don’t know.”