Queen is ‘cranky’, says Annie Leibovitz

Queen Elizabeth has been described as “cranky” by photographer Annie Leibovitz, who met the monarch at a photoshoot last year.

Speaking about the shoot, which was also filmed for a BBC documentary, Annie explained she asked the queen to remove her tiara for a “less dressy”, more informal photograph.

The queen apparently replied: “Less dressy? What do you think this is?”

Annie said: “I thought she was being funny. English humour. But I noticed that the dresser and everyone else who had been working with her were staying about 20ft away from her.”

The renowned American photographer also revealed the queen was late for the sitting, and the entire photoshoot was over in 25 minutes, adding: “Right after we finished, I went up to the press secretary and said how much I loved the queen. How feisty she was. Later I mentioned to a couple of friends that she had been a bit cranky, but it was nothing unusual.”

Footage of the shoot was used in an advert for the documentary, which appeared to show the queen storming off after having a tantrum.

However, the BBC later admitted the footage had been tampered with, and the alleged argument had never taken place. The incident led to the resignation of former BBC One controller Peter Fincham.

Annie’s quotes were taken from her upcoming book, the serialisation of which starts in the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine.