Queen Elizabeth wins accent contest

Queen Elizabeth has the most popular accent in the country, according to a new survey of Britons.

The poll of over 2,000 Britons, conducted by voice company SpinVox, showed that 73 per cent of people did not like the sound of their own voice, and most agreed they would like to speak like the queen.

SpinVox language expert Tony Robinson said: “It seems Britain is being gripped by an epidemic of accent envy and accent self loathing.

“After decades where dialect diversity has been celebrated, the majority of Britons now aspire to received pronunciation – and to share the sound of their voice not only with the queen but with celebrities like Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant.”

Irish accents came second in the survey, while Scottish dialect came third.

Robinson added: “Accents are intricately tied into our own sense of identity. It is interesting that those with distinct cultural or class identities are more satisfied with the way they speak, and it is precisely those accents that the rest of us want to acquire.”

SpinVox allows people who do not like the sound of their own voice to convert voicemail messages into SMS messages (short message service) which are delivered to phones either as an SMS or an email.