Queen advertises for new butler

The latest job search has sparked concern the monarch is struggling to keep her staff loyal in the UKP20,000 position, however, royal sources insist the queen is not experiencing a problem with her employees.

An aide at Buckingham Palace told the Daily Mail: “Though we advertise for trainee butlers, the role is actually for a footman – we use the term trainee butler because it makes more sense to the outside world, as very few people know what a footman is.

“We have stringent selection requirements and so each time we recruit we may get only one or two successful candidates with the right skills and personal attributes.”

The queen’s butlers are provided with accommodation in the royal residences, and if they stay with the queen until retirement age they are supplied with an apartment paid for by the British Royal Family for their remaining years.

The monarch has recently faced controversy concerning her staff. In February, her former butler Paul Kidd was charged with allegedly raping three young boys during his service at the palace.

Kidd – who worked as the queen’s personal butler from 1976 to 1980 – faces nine rape charges, four gross indecency charges and five charges of sexual assault against the three youngsters, aged between 11 and 16.