Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex’s six-week-old son was rushed to hospital last week because he had a “minor allergic reaction”.

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James – who was taken to Great Ormond Street Hospital by his worried mother on Thursday (24.01.08) – underwent tests to ascertain the reason for his mystery illness but his condition has now been described as “not serious or life threatening”.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said: “James underwent more tests and it was found he had suffered a minor allergic reaction. It’s not life threatening and not serious.”

Despite the scare, Prince Edward continued with his royal duties and visited South Bromsgrove High School, in Worcestershire, on Friday (25.01.08).

Headmaster Paul Copeland said: “Edward said his son’s illness was something that he wasn’t particularly worried about. He was taking the line it was being played up and it wasn’t to be worried about. From our point of view, we thought he might not come but when we saw him arrive, we thought that was fantastic.”

James, who is officially known as Viscount Severn, was born by Caesarean section on December 17, 2007, and is Edward and Sophie’s second child. Sophie – who married Edward in 1999 – suffered a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy in 2001 before falling pregnant again in 2003.

The countess was admitted to Surrey’s Frimley Park Hospital in her 36th week of her pregnancy after her history of complications. She was found to have suffered an extreme loss of blood, and had an emergency Caesarean section to deliver Lady Louise, who was born weighing 4lb 9oz on November 8, 2003.