Prince Charles has been portrayed looking serious and troubled in a new royal portrait.

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Artist Neale Worley, who depicted the 59-year-old royal holding his ceremonial sword with a gloved hand, tried to capture the princes’ pessimistic outlook on life following their three sittings at Charles’ Scottish retreat Birkhall.

He told the Daily Mail: “We chatted as I painted and I think that the prince is, essentially, a pessimist. He is certainly pessimistic about what human beings are doing to the planet.

“We talked about green issues which interest him greatly and he is very concerned about global warming. He thinks the outlook for the human race is bleak.

“He was quite relaxed, but the portrait is quite serious. He is quite an intense person – serious and a very concerned man. He is worried about the way the world is going. I wanted to get his seriousness into the portrait.”

The painting is set to go on display later this month in front of the patrons of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Worley, 46, was asked to capture the prince for the portrait commissioned for the Army Air Corps after accompanying him on a royal trip to Pakistan two years ago.