Prince Andrew played cricket and football in the corridors of Buckingham Palace when he was growing up.

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The 47-year-old prince has told how he got up to many sporting exploits in the numerous passages of the royal residence but claims he never “broke anything”.

During a guided tour with US TV show Today, Andrew pointed to a hallway and said: “We used to play football, cricket and tennis and all sorts of things up and down there.

“But I don’t think in any event were any of the glass cabinets ever broken or anything like that.”

Despite his indoor activities, the prince insists he was a “very well behaved” child.

He said: “One assumes that one was naughty, but I’ve always been told I was extremely well-behaved as a kid.”

Andrew also praised his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, for keeping their children Princesses Beatrice, 19 and Eugenie, 17, grounded.

He said: “Beatrice and Eugenie realise their responsibilities with great humility and understanding. Their mother the one that has delivered what I would describe as that grounding and that down-to-earth attitude in the girls.

“She’s been through marriage to a member of the royal family and she has seen both ends of it, the before and afterwards. So she knows something that I could never experience because she’s come into it and gone out of it.

“Now that experience is probably more valuable to the girls in their grounding than anything I can give them.”

Andrew and Sarah’s 10-year marriage ended in divorce in 1996, four years after they officially separated.