Paul Burrell denies fling with Diana

Paul Burrell has denied claims he had an affair with Britain’s Princess Diana.

Burrell’s brother-in-law Ron Cosgrove says the former royal butler claimed he had a sexual relationship with Diana in 1993, and repeated the allegation a year later at his wife Maria’s 40th birthday party.

Last night (15.06.08), Paul and Maria both refuted the claims, although they issued separate statements.

Paul – who worked for the princess for ten years until her death in 1997 – said: “Myself and my wife Maria feel tremendously sad and hurt that he has resorted to such vengeance by way of response.

“Anyone who knows me, who knew the princess, and who understands the boundaries and decencies of royal service, will know just how fanciful, distasteful and malicious these claims truly are.”

Maria, who was supported by her other brother Peter, said: “I am mortified and hugely embarrassed at the claims attributed to my brother Ron Cosgrove, and disassociate myself with everything he is reported to have said.

“It is perhaps no coincidence that these claims surfaced just three weeks after he asked – via voicemail – for money which we were unwilling to provide.”

Ron claims Paul boasted about his sexual relationship with Diana during a conversation in a pub, and also states Paul said he saw Queen Elizabeth naked after he chased a corgi into her bedroom. Ron has denied lying about the story and is even prepared to recount it under oath.

He said: “I have simply told the truth in my interview and I stand by every word I said.”

Ron also said he would donate his fee to charity “if Paul Burrell agrees to do the same with all the money he has made from exploiting the memory of the Princess of Wales.”