Kate Middleton has a job, of course

Kate Middleton’s friends have blasted claims she is simply waiting to marry Prince William, claiming she works a nine-to-five office job five days a week.

The 26-year old – who met Prince William at Scotland’s University of St Andrews in 2001 – is said to be very busy compiling and editing catalogues for her parents’ business Party Pieces, despite recent reports she is just “sitting around and waiting” for William to marry her.

A friend of Kate’s told Hello magazine: “There is a complete misrepresentation about headlines such as ‘Waity Katie’.

“She is working very hard for her parents and has been doing so for the past few months on a daily basis.

“She is a young woman who wants to keep active and that is why she is annoyed at the headlines saying she doesn’t work.

“She is actually working full-time, is on the payroll and plans to continue doing the job.”

The comments came after reports that Queen Elizabeth – William’s grandmother – was becoming increasingly concerned with Kate’s lack of full-time employment.

Royal aides suggested the issue of Kate’s career would have to be resolved before William could announce his engagement to her.

She was said to have been nicknamed ‘Waity Katie’ due to her willingness to give up work in favour of waiting for William to propose.

It was also suggested the queen is keen for Kate to embark on charity work before she marries, with an insider telling The Daily Mail: “There is concern at the very highest level that Kate Middleton still does not have a job.

“The queen is keen that the monarchy should lead by example and that the princes and their girlfriends should all be seen to be hard workers.

“The queen has made it known that she feels Kate should get involved with a charity, possibly an animal charity, where she can be seen to be doing something proactive and something entirely safe.”