Kate Middleton down to a size 6

Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton has slimmed down to a tiny size six after regular intensive gym sessions.

The 26-year-old beauty has been enjoying frequent workouts at the gym in William’s London residence Clarence House and has consequently lost a lot of weight.

A source is quoted on the MailOnline website as saying: “Kate’s naturally quite athletic but she used to be a lot more curvy. She first lost a few pounds when she did a fashion show at St Andrews, but since then she has lost even more weight and is now slimmer than she has ever been.

“She’s quite figure-conscious and she’s very aware of the fact that the camera adds a good 10lb. She and her sister Pippa are both quite weight aware and like to be slim.

“Kate also gets sent a lot of clothes from designers and they are all sample sizes, generally a size six or eight.”

Kate first started to see the change in her figure when she started training for a boat race across the British channel last summer.

The source added: “When she was training, her entire body shape changed and she became a lot more toned.

“She loved the training sessions and really enjoyed the results of taking lots of exercise. She cycles whenever she can and works out at the gym at Clarence House, sometimes for a couple of hours at a time.”