Helen Mirren is an ‘utter pleb’

Helen Mirren says she made a “pleb” of herself when she met the Queen.

The 63-year-old actress – who won an Oscar for her portrayal of the monarch in 2006 film The Queen – was so nervous about meeting the queen she completely fell apart when they eventually came face to face at the Royal Ascot horse racing event earlier this year.

Helen is quoted in the Daily Express as saying: “It was a strange experience because the queen invited me there and I ended up sitting between Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai and the Duke of Edinburgh.

“The queen invited us all outside to watch the racing. I think it was just a gesture to say, ‘It’s Ok. We’re cool about The Queen.

“As I left I stood up and made this tumbling nauseating little speech about what an honour it had all been and I went on and on and made a complete and utter pleb of myself.”

Helen added the monarch took the speech “very graciously”.

Meanwhile, it has been announced the queen and Prince Philip are to make a groundbreaking trip to Slovenia and Slovakia this October.

The state visit will be the first time the monarch has visited either of the countries, which both joined the European Union in 2004.