Harry plays with rude Action Man

Prince Harry reportedly sent a naughty action man figure of himself to girlfriend Chelsy Davy before he left for Canada this week.

The 23-year-old royal made some raunchy adjustments to the 12-inch doll – which is being sold kitted out in an Army uniform, representing Harry from his time with the Blues and Royals cavalry regiment in Afghanistan, on the internet for £ 68 – before posting it to 22-year-old Chelsy.

A source is quoted in the Sun as saying: “He made a few hilarious changes that leave little to the imagination. She burst out laughing when she unwrapped the doll.

“Apparently it arrived anonymously, but as soon as Chelsy undressed it she knew it was from Harry. There was something private written on the doll that indicated it could have only come from him.

“She thought the whole thing was hilarious and immediately texted some of her friends to share the joke.”

However, Zimbabwe-born Chelsy has reportedly decided to keep the exact details of her present to herself.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Harry – who turns 24 on Monday (15.09.08) – was not responsible for racking up a staggering £ 5,000 bill during a night out at exclusive London nightclub Boujis.

Harry had been reported to have indulged in drinking competitions with Chelsy and US rocker Cisco Adler, but a club insider said: “Cisco’s a huge fan of Harry. So when he spotted him in the club having romantic drinks with Chelsy, he was desperate to run over and meet him. But staff advised him not to interrupt the love-birds.

“Cisco then had fun with his own drinking games – it was him who spent the huge amount of money on alcohol.”