Harry nearly hit by Afghan missile

Prince Harry was nearly killed while serving in Afghanistan, it has been revealed.

The 23-year-old royal narrowly missed being hit by a 170mm missile rocket while he was fighting outside Musa Qala in the Helmland Province in February, just days before he was removed from the country because his presence had been revealed.

A senior army source said: “He was lucky – the strike was well within shrapnel range of where he was. It was a bit hairy and it certainly got the blood pumping.

“But the prince’s thoughts were typically with his men and after the attack ended he called in a Chinook helicopter to evacuate any wounded. Then he went straight back out on patrol.”

Harry was pulled out of the country after serving there for 10 weeks, because the news blackout deal agreed by media worldwide was broken by an Australian newspaper.

Officials then feared Harry would be targeted by the Taliban if they knew exactly where he was. Details of Harry’s near-death experience appear in a new biography of the prince, Robert Jobson’s Harry’s War: The True Story of the Soldier Prince.