Fergie to re-visit Hull

Duchess of York is to make a second instalment to her recent documentary.

The follow-up to The Duchess in Hull will see Sarah Ferguson revisit the Sargerson family to check on their progress since she helped them overhaul their lifestyles.

The show is reportedly set for a prestigious slot in ITV’s Christmas schedule.

A source revealed to the Daily Express: “‘The Duchess In Hull was a brilliant programme which had resonance for a lot of viewers.

“Fergie came across well in her efforts to try to get them to ditch their unhealthy lifestyle. We had lots of positive viewer comments.

“Sarah will go back to see the Sargersons but it will be something of a surprise visit to check if they are keeping up with her health regime.

“The results look like being aired some time in the Christmas schedule. If you’re on TV at Christmas, it’s safe to say you’re popular with viewers.”

The network reportedly want the duchess to front several programmes next year.

The source added: “It would be great to get her back for more lifestyle shows next year if she has time and inclination.

“She certainly seems to be quite an inspiring figure for many of our female viewers.”