Fergie denies dating rumours

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has denied she is dating Norwegian businessman Geir Frantzen, because he has a “permanent girlfriend”.

The 48-year-old royal – who has been seen with the 40-year-old fish finger tycoon on a variety of occasions over the past year – says the pair are “very good friends” but are not dating.

She is quoted as saying: “Unfortunately he has a permanent girlfriend, so we’re going no further.”

Geir is believed to be dating 37-year-old beauty Alise Davidsen.

It has also been reported Sarah carries four mobile phones in her handbag to ensure she always knows who is contacting her.

New York Post newspaper columnist Cindy Adams wrote: “Sarah’s black tote bag
contained A, a fresh pair of pantyhose. Hers had run, so she changed in my powder room.

“B, High heels. Having wakened at 5am for a TV appearance and still due at a book-signing, she arrived in flats.

“C, A United Airlines courtesy kit that’s given on overseas flights and usually has toothpaste and mouthwash. This one contained her four mobile phones. ‘Pink’s for the UK,’ she explained. ‘The blue one’s America. Red is the business line. The black’s my email’.”