Princess Diana was the one who ended her two-year relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, her inquest heard yesterday (03.03.08).

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Dr. Khan – who had previously been described as the love of the princess’ life before she died a car crash in August 1997 – claimed she had broken off their romance after returning from a holiday with the family of Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed just weeks before her death.

In a statement submitted to the High Court, the Pakistani doctor said after the holiday he suspected Diana had “met someone else from the Mohamed Al Fayed contingent”.

It was during this holiday Diana met Mohamed’s son, Dodi Fayed, who would become her lover and who was also killed in the Paris car crash.

He added: “I did not know who it was. It could have been a bodyguard or anyone. At a second meeting, she said it was all over between us, but she denied there was anyone else.”

Speaking of Diana’s relationship with Dodi, Dr. Khan said: “I suppose it was possible that she was trying to make me jealous, but I do not think that was the whole reason.”

He claimed the first he knew about her relationship with Dodi was when he read about their deaths on August 31, 1997. He also said he did not think the princess was going to marry Dodi after only a few weeks of courtship, and expressed surprise at Mohamed Al Fayed’s claim that she was pregnant because she had always been very careful about taking contraceptive pills during their relationship.

Previous witnesses at the inquest claimed it was Dr. Khan who had ended the relationship in June 1997, leaving Diana heartbroken. They claimed she only got together with Dodi in a bid to make Dr. Khan jealous.