Charles wants Queen Camilla

Prince Charles is reportedly keen to make his wife, Camilla, queen when he ascends the throne.

The 59-year-old royal is said to have met with advisors, constitutional experts and religious leaders to discuss his wife’s title when he becomes Britain’s king.

The prince said Camilla – who is currently known as the Duchess of Cornwall – would never be queen when he married her three years ago.

But Camilla would automatically be crowned when Queen Elizabeth dies, meaning a change in law would be required for her to not take the title.

A palace aide is quoted in the News of the World as saying: “Make no mistake, this is very important to the prince and the duchess.

“Clarence House has previously indicated that when the Prince of Wales becomes king, Camilla intends to be known as Princess Consort. But that is not set in stone – far from it.

“The prince and duchess do not want her status undermined when he is sovereign. And both believe the matter will be resolved in their favour.

“Remember the prince once authorised a leak that he had no intention of marrying Mrs Parker Bowles. But everyone knew the truth – he had every intention of getting what he wanted.”