Charles on for 60 Camilla gifts

Prince Charles is reportedly set to receive 60 birthday presents from his wife Camilla.

The royal – who turns 60 on November 14 – will be presented with the shower of gifts to mark each year of his life.

The presents include a pair of walking boots, a personalised fly fishing rod and some of his favourite episodes of comedy radio programme The Goon Show.

Camilla – who is known as the Duchess of Cornwall – is also making a special book which features some of the love letters they have written for each other over the years and includes contributions from some of his closest friends.

A friend told the MailOnline website: “Camilla was at a loss over what to buy for Charles – he is the man with everything. In the end, she decided that she would abandon the idea of buying one huge gift and instead present him with a number of smaller gifts.

“It was as she was sourcing some of his favourite wines and literature that she seized on the idea of presenting him with a gift for every year of his life.

“She has spent months getting all the things together and every item will mean something special to Charles.”

Charles’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry are believed to have helped their stepmother Camilla with her choices. The prince is also being treated to two parties to celebrate his landmark birthday.

A lavish state banquet will be laid on at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth. There will also be a party for 75 of Charles’ friends at Highgrove, the prince’s Gloucestershire residence.