Prince Charles may be called up to give evidence in the alleged blackmail plot against a member of the royal family.

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Charles and his father, Prince Philip, are seen as key witnesses in the case brought against Ian Strachan and Sean McQuigan for allegedly threatened to release a mobile phone video of a royal aide boasting of engaging in a homosexual sex act with the unnamed royal who is a married man.

Strachan has told the police Charles and Philip can confirm his claim that he has met the alleged victim.

Strachan, 30, McQuigan, 40, are due to appear in court next month accused of trying to demand UKP50,000 “with menaces”, a charge they both deny. It is thought Queen Elizabeth, who has pledged her personal support to the alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, will be furious at the prospect of other senior members of her family being drawn into the blackmail controversy.

The alleged victim has told the police he has never met Strachan or McQuigan. A court order prevents the identity of the member of the royal family and any potential witness in the case being made public in Britain, which is standard procedure in Britain.

Buckingham Palace has already indicated the alleged victim is not a member of the queen’s immediate close family but he is an heir to the throne.

The alleged plot was exposed when the unnamed royal telephoned the police after his office was contacted by Strachan and McQuigan.

An undercover detective arranged to meet the men in a suite in a hotel in central London. They were secretly filmed talking to the detective who they thought was a representative of the alleged victim.

Detectives, who were in a neighbouring room, burst in and arrested them. The two men have been held in custody ever since.