Buckingham Palace graffiti backlash

London palace officials were outraged this week by an internet video showing an anonymous hooded youth brazenly scaling the fence of Buckingham Palace at night to tag the words The Wackness on the palace wall.

The youth appeared to breach all palace security and sneak past the guards, suggesting that this was an easy trick to pull off.

The video was posted on YouTube and has already received more than 4,000 hits from baffled members of the public and news reporters.

Royal officials told The Sun: “Whoever is behind it has acted both irresponsibly and foolishly. The danger is that people may see this video and try a similar stunt.”

The people behind the video, however, were not rebellious teenagers, but indie film distributor Revolver Entertainment who have won several awards for their innovative marketing initiatives.

The video was an elaborate hoax to promote the release of The Wackness in cinemas on Friday.