Amy Winehouse: Chelsy is nuts

Chelsy Davy has reportedly been invited out for the evening by Amy Winehouse.

The troubled singer – who has had a well-documented drug problem – reportedly thinks she would get on well with fun-loving Chelsy, the girlfriend of Prince Harry, and is keen to take her out for the night.

Amy is quoted by FoxNews as saying: “I think she is nuts to be honest and I know we would hit it off – she should come on a night out with me. I know Harry is a fan so he could drop her off.”

Chelsy, 22, is notorious for her party-loving lifestyle.

Earlier this year she was drunkenly carried home from the Durban July race meeting in South Africa. She was photographed on the shoulders of a male friend with her skirt over her head when the race meeting – South Africa’s answer to Royal Ascot – had finished.

After being pictured riding on the shoulders of one male friend she was photographed giggling on the grass with another two men before pretending to kiss her best female pal Kirsten Rogers.

The Zimbabwe-born beauty recently rubbished claims she has a secret tattoo. She said: “It’s not my bag really as I am quite indecisive, but it’s each to their own in my opinion.”