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Trafalgar Square – Scene of some historic political street battles such as 1990s Poll Tax riots and the Bloody Sunday clashes of 1887 when unemployed protestors were crushed by police.

Hyde Park – Meeting place for huge demonstrations including the Hyde Park riots of 1866 and anti-nuclear demos during the 1980s. Also home to Speaker’s Corner, where radicals down the ages have climbed on their soapboxes to spread the word, although it is now more common to see quasi-religious cranks spouting their stuff.

Brixton – Scene of two major riots in the past two decades. Now basking in new found role as one of London’s coolest districts, in part based on its rebel status.

Clerkenwell Green – Site of various rebellious gatherings in the 19th century from Chartist meetings to the Clerkenwell Riots of 1832. Now, incidentally, home to the Marx Memorial Library.

Cable Street – Sunday 5th October 1936 saw bitter clashes between Fascist and anti-Fascist demonstartors around Cable Street in London’s east end.

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