Nick Knight

As part of the innovative art campaign funded by Beck’s, here’s Nick Knight to discuss his submission to the ‘Green Box Project’

“It was a desire to to work with new technologies to do things that weren’t previously available in print,” says Knight, from SHOWstudio’s sparkling headquarters, located just off of New Bond Street in central London.

“For the last 100 years, fashion has been represented completely by the still image. However, when a designer makes a piece of clothing, it’s to be seen in movement, and when it became clear that we could express clothes in movement, a whole new genre opened up, that of fashion film.”

“Working in 3D is very much like taking a photograph. But you can twist it, modify it, you can make it almost into film, embracing more and more different art forms. And that’s what’s exciting.”

“That journey is exciting, sometimes frustrating, sometimes really exhilarating. Sometimes you can’t sleep because you’re so excited about what you’re doing.”

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