In the Pink at London Zoo


As Londoners wilt on capital's hottest day, tiny flamingo chicks cool off and enjoy their first splash

In the Pink at London Zoo - Mandeville flamingo chick with adults.

WHILE LONDONERS endure the hottest day of the year stuck in Olympic lane-induced traffic jams and steamy public transport, some of the city's newest arrivals are leading by example and taking a dip.

Covered in fluffy grey hair and standing just a foot (30cm) tall, the latest additions to London Zoo's flamingo flock have been spotted splashing about during their first foray into ZSL's big pond.

"Hatched just two weeks ago, the pair of Greater flamingo chicks have so far been watching mum and dad from the sidelines, but the hot weather finally tempted them to have a paddle in the water" say ZSL London Zoo.

"Nicknamed Wenlock and Mandeville by keepers, as they’ve hatched just in time for the Olympic Games, the cute pair won’t develop their iconic pink feathers until they’re approximately a year old, and will eventually grow to be four foot tall".

The not-quite-yet-pretty-in-pink youngsters aren't the only stars of the Flamingo enclosure; their keeper, Adrian Walls stars in a brand new two-part documentary, The Zoo, which airs on Sunday on ITV1.

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Wenlock Flamingo Chick by A. Harris (c) ZSL
Mandeville flamingo chick with adults by A. Harris (c) ZSL

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