City Boys Swap Rude Remarks About Woman; Suffer Epic Email CC Fail


'Hot' woman friend comes with 'health warning' and is a 'f****** t***' say messages that went viral

City Boys Swap Derogatory Remarks About Woman, then Suffer Epic Email CC Fail.

AN EMAIL exchange between two City boys about a "hot" mutual girl friend who "came with a bit of a health warning" has gone viral.

The message thread starts with Sebastian Marsh, 24, asking if public school pal Harry Fildes "would have any sort of problem" with him making a play, or "having a go" as he put it, for Fildes' ex, Jenni Palmer, 24.

Marsh also questions why Palmer should come "with a health warning".

Fildes, 25, agrees with the "health warning" tag, explaining that Palmer is, in his opinion, a "f****** t***".

"I don’t dislike many people but she is one," adds the former pupil of £30,000 a year Shrewsbury School.

"She massively messed me around."

Unfortunately for Fildes, he then accidentally copied Palmer into the email conversation.

"Can you recall emails?!" he asks Marsh.

"I still live with her and that's why I am in so so so much trouble, we didn't get on before so this will be the final nail in the coffin."

"I sent her a follow up email saying I don't really think she is a t*** just trying to put you off her! Not very convincing."

Marsh then forwarded the whole exchange to other friends and within a week, by yesterday, millions around the world have gained an insight into the social world and attitudes of London's young high-flyers.

Marsh has now been suspended by his company, Millers Insurance, while Fildes's bosses at property firm GL Hearn have launched a probe into the affair.

That lovely email exchange in full is here.

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