Saretta‘s new Floral Collection consists of unique one-offs and limited edition pieces inspired by nature.

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Sarah Bond, founder and Creative Director of Saretta, handcrafts each piece using the lost-wax technique; she carves and manipulates wax which is cast into ethically certified sterling silver, 9 or 18ct gold.

Sarah formed Saretta out of a belief to be far removed from the mass-produced look and feel of contemporary jewellery, which has saturated the UK jewellery industry.

“Surrounded by flowers and nature growing up I am forever fascinated by the complexity of something so delicate as a garden flower; I never try to recreate a flower but focus on capturing the movement and texture.”

Saretta produces bold dynamic pieces that are adapted to be worn with versatility.

“I like to accessorise jewellery; where possible I will make a design with a brooch fitting as well as a pendant attachment.”

As a young jeweller based in London’s Hatton Garden, Sarah seeks to challenge her trade and introduce more art-lead jewellery with a “much needed” focus on ethical and human rights implications often overlooked by the industry.

Saretta jewellery is all handmade by Sarah and hallmarked at the London Assay Office.

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Looking for a cheaper alternative?

Encrusted Flower Necklace. Miss Selfridge Rhinestone Panther Bracelet. Miss Selfridge Dragonfly Brooch. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge: :
Flower Necklace: £40.00 | Panther Bracelet: £20.00 | Dragonfly Brooch: £10.00

Flower Necklace. New Look Leaf Design Necklace. New Look Flower Ring. New Look

New Look: :
Flower Necklace: £4.00 | Leaf Necklace: £5.00 | Flower Ring: £4.00