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Foggy FAQS

This famous London fog stuff. Where has it all gone?
Few old London films are complete without oodles of the white stuff but newer movies have reflected the reality that the city has not been continually disfigured by fog for many a long year following government Clean Air orders.

What is Ealing?
Ealing, as in Ealing Comedy, is a film studio in the leafy west London suburb of … Ealing.

Was Princess Di really about to star in a Kevin Costner movie?
It is true that Costner asked the Princess to star in some future project but, despite her love of movies, Diana never intended to take the part.

Didn’t Liz Hurley star in a London movie not so long ago?
Oh, yes. La Hurley starred in the abysmal Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1995) in which she played a rich bitch on the slide into cocaine hell.

Who is more Mr London, Micheal Caine or Bob Hoskins?
Hoskins, with Mona Lisa and The Long Good Friday, puts up a good fight but Caine takes the prize with Alfie and The Ipcress File as well as an almost show stealing performance in Mona Lisa.