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Step back in history as you enter the atmospheric Olde Englande setting at the famous Medieval Banquet. Re-live Henry VIII’s era as you sit back and relax by flickering torchlight in the vaulted cellars of Ivory House, St. Katharine’s Dock.

Let your imagination run wild as you are invited to watch fighting knights and strolling players singing medieval ballads. Enjoy the gastronomic delight of a traditional succulent English four-course meal, served by the finest wenches in the land – while taking advantage of the unlimited wine and beer included in the price.

During your meal enjoy the entertainment as the main Royal Court show begins. Feel the excitement as your host, Henry VIII, welcomes you and introduces a cast of colourful characters from England’s past. From dancing wenches to court jesters and magicians to the incredible strongman, the amazing array of entertainers provides a breathtaking and magical display.

Lose yourself in the evening’s celebrations. Whether you choose to dance with the Wenches, sing along, join in the medieval revelry or sit back and enjoy the show, it is sure to be a fun-filled night for everyone.

The venue is perfect for celebrations of all kinds – young or old, for lunch or an evening meal. Regularly hosting business events and private parties, or offering tailor-made entertainment to suit your individual needs, the Medieval Banquet is the perfect choice time after time.

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Medieval Banquet, London. Ivory House, St. Katharine's Dock Medieval Banquet, London. Ivory House, St. Katharine's Dock