SALVADOR DALI is to be cut into bare, living, human flesh in a Southbank commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the legendary surrealist’s death.

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Not his dead body, of course, but a tattooed image of the face of the painter with the bulgy eyes and crazy moustache. Chinese characters, celtic crosses and your mum’s name are going to look so lame in comparison.

Tattooist to the stars Dan Gold will provide the tools and artistic skill, while a competition winner provides his or her skin for the event which takes place this Thursday, 4 June at the Dali Universe gallery near the London Eye.

Gold has created tattoos for the likes of Dr Dre, Peaches Geldof and Kate Moss and the combination of his showbiz appeal and the continued fascination with Dali himself is likely to draw a sizeable crowd to Dali Universe, who will get to watch the Dali on Flesh session live.

As a bonus, Dali Universe is doing a half-price ticket deal for the day, down from £14 to £7.

To have a go at the competition and get that Dali tattoo on your flesh, you’ll need to fill in the application form.