A HOME VASECTOMY kit is among the forgotten booty to be found at Transport for London’s Baker Street Lost Property Office, which is celebrating its 75th birthday.

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Other items left behind on tube trains and buses over the years include breast implants and urns full of human ashes.

“Reuniting two urns of ashes with the families who had lost them was particularly heart-warming,” said Lost Property manager Julie Haley.

“It was very emotional for all of us.”

Relieved mourners aren’t the only ones who have had their precious things returned – the implants made it home and LPO reckons it has a success rate of bringing together object and subject of about 30%.

“I know some people think if they’ve lost something on public transport they’ll never get it back, but I’d like to encourage them to give us a call,” said Hyland.

Despite the odd items – and there are others like human skulls, coffins and a prosthetic arm – the most common lost properties are books (36,852 in 2008), bags (28,550) and clothes (27,174) out of a yearly total of about 200,000.

If you lose something on public transport, the advice is to wait two days and then contact the LPO on phone number 0845 330 9882, or by going the online route. Hyland and co. probably won’t help you do the vasectomy, though.