LONDONERS are among the laziest people in Britain, according to a report from the people at Nuffield Health, who rank the capital fourth slackest city in the country.

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Glasgow was way out in front in the lazy town league, with 73% of its citizens asked in Nuffield’s poll admitting to not getting enough exercise.

But after laughing – legitimately – at couch potato Scots, Londoners could do with looking in the mirror, if we can be bothered.

We only escaped the top three by the skin of our teeth, scoring 66% on the not-enough-exercise charts, only one point behind joint second-placed cities Birmingham and Southampton. Meanwhile, Cardiff posted a figure of 58%, showing that being a Celt needn’t be a barrier to the active life.

In other highlights from the survey, 75% of people admitted to being too tired after a day at work to have sex, half of dog owners can’t summon up the energy to walk their pets and one in six, faced with no remote control, would suffer a TV show they didn’t like rather than get up and change channels.

“Ready meals, remote controls and even internet shopping are all contributing to a dangerously lazy and idle Britain,” said Dr Sarah Dauncey, of Nuffield Health.

“The nation has fallen into a vicious circle of laziness that we must stop,”

That Table of Dangerous, Lazy Idleness in Full:

1 Glasgow (75 per cent admit not getting enough exercise)
2= Birmingham, Southampton (both 67 per cent)
4 London (66)
5 Bristol (64);
6 Leeds (62)
7 Newcastle (62)
8 Norwich (60)
9 Manchester (59)
10 Cardiff (58)