NEW YORK, Vancouver and Paris are currently the favourite holiday destinations for British tweeters according to Vodafone UK’s #ukhols map on Twitter.

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Launched in June to support the Vodafone Passport roaming promotion where customers can talk, text and send pictures messages for the same price in over 35 countries as they would in the UK, the map gives an up to date view of Brits’ summer travelling plans.

16% of Brits are ‘staycationing’ this summer but only 4% of Londoners are choosing to enjoy their time off without going abroad. Birmingham holidaymakers are the most likely to enjoy the British summer in the UK with 20% heading to destinations such as Brighton or Cornwall

A user-generated, interactive forum for travellers, Twitter fans can give insights on their holidays, gain inspiration for new destinations or simply decide to go with the crowds or avoid the masses by checking out the popular destinations.

The #ukhols map reveals the Top 10 holiday destinations, which includes two UK hotspots at number four and five with London and St Ives in Cornwall.

As of (28.07.09) the top 10 holiday destinations are:
1. New York
2. Vancouver
3. Paris
4. London
5. St. Ives
6. Bareclona
7. Seoul
8. Cyprus
9. Crete
10. Istanbul

Although the map shows plenty of tweeters getting away from London this summer, 60% of them are reluctant to leave city life behind for a quieter time, with their leading holiday destinations being Paris, Hong Kong and Barcelona.

Help grow the map:
To help paint a summer holidaying picture tweeters are invited to join in by tweeting the hashtag #ukhols, age, gender (M or F), the first half of their postcode and where they are going this year. For example: #ukhols 25 F B12 Gran Canaria. Vodafone customers can text to update the #ukhols map on the shortcode 86444. Everyone can tweet from any medium they choose.