TUBE STRIKES have been announced today for this coming Friday, 14 January, in an on-going row over the sacking of two union activists.

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Both the Bakerloo and Northern Line are likely to be badly affected by the stoppage, which begins at 9pm on Friday and runs through until 9pm on Saturday 15.

It is the second 24 hour strike over the sacking of two men London Underground management accuse of breaching safety rules and being abusive; the first was on 18 December.

“[These are] clear-cut cases of victimisation on the grounds of trade union activity,” said RMT union leader Bob Crow.

LU bosses don’t quite see it that way.

“It is absolutely outrageous for the RMT to threaten further strike action in support of these drivers,” said Howard Collins, chief operating officer at LU.

“If the strike goes ahead, we will once again seek to operate the best service possible.”

The RMT is involved in another on-going battle with LU, over job cuts that could leave a third of stations un-staffed.

LU say the cuts are a necessary part of a wide-ranging cost-cutting programme, but today Crow has publicised an email in which bosses are told they can whack up spending on their expense accounts.

In the email, management level staff are told they can send flowers and greetings cards for businesses purposes, as well as enjoy meals, hotel accommodation and newspapers.

“While staff are being hacked back, Boris Johnson’s transport chief has given the green light to a spending spree on luxuries and hospitality that will create a tidal wave of anger,” said Crow.

“While tube fares are being jacked up by nearly 7% the top bosses are being allowed to rack up millions of pounds of spending on hotels, flowers, hospitality and consultants and that is a national scandal.”