THAMES WATER wants Londoners to sing Beatles songs in the shower to save money.

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Songs by the Fab Four, especially those from the early part of the band’s catalogue, were usually short and sweet, so the idea is that if you can get all your ablutions done in the time it takes to belt out Love Me Do (2 mins 20 seconds), you’ll be quids in.

To really concentrate the mind on the cash to be saved, there’s always another Beatles track, Money (That’s What I Want), which comes in at two minutes and forty-seven seconds.

There would even be time enough to rest your vocal chords as Thames Water has set people the target of completing showers in under four minutes. They call this the Four Minute Shower Challenge.

“We’re asking people to sing short, water-efficient songs of four minutes or less in the shower to help them hit the four-minute shower challenge – part of our ongoing work to help people value water and use less,” said Jayne Farrin, of Thames Water.

“Each of us uses 160 litres of water a day on average, and when showering use 10 litres of water a minute,” said Jayne Farrin, of Thames Water, which hiked water prices by around 4% earlier this year.

“If we all cut our time in the shower by one minute a day, nationally we could save enough water to supply London for between two and four months.”

Not that Thames Water directors need to save cash – they shared a bonus, er, pool of £2 million in 2011, a jump of 20% on 2010. Another one for the we’re-all-in-it-together file.

Here’s that Thames Water Top Five Shower Songs list in full:

1. Love Me Do – The Beatles (2 minutes, 22 seconds)
2. Love Me Tender – Elvis Presley (2.41)
3. Dance Wiv Me – Dizzee Rascal (radio mix) (3.25)
4. Could It Be Magic – Take That (3.31)
5. It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls (3.31)