DOCKLANDS has its anxieties at the moment, what with the banking crisis, but that’s nothing compared to the changes seen in east London during the last century, as revealed by a fascinating exhibition of photographs, open over the Bank Holiday weekend on the Isle of Dogs.

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“Life changed a lot, with the Blitz targeting the docks and the unemployment after the shipyards closed in the 1970s,” said Eve Hostettler, the curator of a collection of photographs of life on the Isle of Dogs.

“This collection is an illustration of the changes that took place.”

Hostettler and her colleagues have unearthed around 5,000 photos of the Isle of Dogs and have been holding open days and weekends for nearly 30 years.

Many of the pictures come from family albums and show things like school outings and factory life that lend a poignant, personal touch to what is a significant part of London’s history.

The Isle of Dogs photo exhibition is housed at the Island History Trust, East Ferry Road, Cubitt Town. Opening times, from 11am to 6pm including Bank Holiday Monday. £2 to get in.

Island History Trust