THE ROYAL family’s relationship with its goon squad came under new pressure today with the claims that Princess Diana was routinely bugged.

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The inquest into her death has heard that the late princess hired a surveillance expert to sweep her room at Kensington Palace for bugs and that the expert found a suspect device. Diana was also told by insiders that there was a five-strong secret service unit detailed to follow her every move.

That comes on top of grumbles from members of the present-day security team who seem to be fed up of shepherding young royals around nightclubs and on holiday.

“Looking after junior royals who are out partying until the small hours is annoying some of us,” said one anonymous officer. “Performing tasks like looking after Prince Andrew’s daughters when they are out nightclubbing or swanning around the world does stick in the throat of some Royal Protection Officers.”

Usually, the royal family’s security guards are portrayed as ultra-loyal professionals, but the news that some of them have been spying on The Firm itself and that others have sharp criticisms of the jobs they have been handed, is likely to fuel calls for a wholescale review of the Windsor’s level and kind of protection.