Romeo and Juliet on Trafalgar Square.

Romeo and Juliet on Trafalgar Square

ROMEO and JULIET visit Trafalgar Square and Canary Wharf this Sunday (1 June) in the form of a big screen presentation of the Royal Opera House’s latest version of Prokoviev’s ballet.

Obviously it’s a bit dependent on the weather, but big crowds are expected at both central London venues for the 3pm start, as well as at the new addition to the summer big screen roster at Lakeside, Thurrock. One possible reason for the popularity of the outdoor shows is that they are free.

Choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan, here Romeo and Juliet follows the Shakespeare model, but chops off the guilty reconciliation at the end to leave the two lovers’ deaths as the dramatic pay-off. If God’s playing fair, there’ll be thunder and lightning on the Square and the Wharf right at that point.

In July the ROH stages Don Carlo and The Marriage of Figaro, both of which will get the big screen treatment.

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