Princess Diana’s official biographer has revealed she would have loved to have grandchildren and see Prince William marry Duchess Catherine.

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Andrew Morton – who has written about the late royal’s life in great detail – believes she would have been extremely proud of her son Prince William marrying Duchess Catherine and would have been keen for them to start a family together.

He said: “She would have loved being a grandmother.

“She always wanted a daughter – if she had married again, doubtless she would have had more children – but a grandchild is a special delight. Fun to play with but you can also hand them back.”

Today (31.08.12) marks the 15th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death – which saw her involved in a horrific car crash in Paris, France after she was chased by paparazzi – and Andrew believes if she was still around today she’d be advising William to step down from his job as a RAF pilot and focus more on his royal duties.

He told The Sun newspaper: “Diana would be steadfast in advising that he should now take his seat in the boardroom of the Firm. She would point out that it isn’t fair to expect his wife, who, after all, is a commoner, to under-take more royal duties than the future king.

“He is now at an age where royals in all the European houses, not just Britain, are expected to pitch in.”

Diana – who was divorced from Prince Charles – was also mother to Prince Harry.