Pigeon Safe-Haven Needed, Say Campaigners

TRAFALGAR SQUARE pigeons need a safe-haven to prevent their total elimination, say campaigners in the Pigeon Action Group.

“Urgent action is needed otherwise the rest of the flock will perish,” said the PAG’s Julia Fletcher.

The plan is for a specific area in or near the square to be earmarked for pigeon-feeding, a scheme that would side-step the current legal situation under which fines of up to UKP500 can be levied against anyone on the square daring to supply the birds with a few life-saving crumbs.

Earlier PAG warnings of the devastation of the flock have started to come true, but that doesn’t cut much ice with Westminster local council, who have dismissed the safe-haven idea.

“It is a nonsense to suggest that the pigeons will starve because of the ban,” said Alan Bradley of the council. “They are resourceful creatures and go where there is food.”

According to PAG, that argument doesn’t take into account the very nature of pigeon-kind. “What the authorities cannot seem to understand is that these birds will not go anywhere else because they are a tame flock,” said Fletcher.

“Pigeons are known for their homing instincts and they see Trafalgar Square as home.”

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