Pete Doherty had to be rescued from a Scottish loch yesterday (03.08.08).

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The Babyshambles star was trying to get to the VIP section at Scotland’s Live at Loch Lomond music festival when the rowing boat he was in sprang a leak and began to sink.

Pete’s manager, Adrian Hunter – who was also in the vessel – said: “It was freezing and we had a laugh but it wouldn’t have been funny if someone had died.”

A luxury speedboat was available to help ferry the band to the VIP area, but Pete – who was recently released from jail after a string of drug offences – decided to arrange his own travel.

Hunter added to Scotland’s Daily Record: “We were waiting for the official boat when we saw this old guy with a rowing boat and decided to take that instead. It was more fun.

“Halfway to shore we lost an oar so the boat was drifting to the other side, but we didn’t really mind.

“Then we realised it had sprung a leak and water was coming in fast. We were about 30 metres from shore – it was really cold and the water was very deep. Pete kept our hopes up by singing sea shanties.”