CHARLES DARWIN arrives at the Natural History Museum this weekend for the start of a long-running exhibition that delves into the work and travels of one of the world’s most famous scientists.

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Had he defied the norms of human evolution and lived on, Darwin would be 200 next February, which helps explain the timing of this event. Next year is also the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin of the Species.

You can retrace the great man’s steps to evolution revelation, from his famous voyage to the Galapagos islands, to a mock-up of the study of his home in Kent in which he pondered over his many discoveries and to his work in London, with plenty of Darwin’s own notes and charts along the way.

There are loads of specimens and artefacts from Darwin’s life and research, including some of the very animals – now stuffed obviously – which helped inspire him to the natural selection conclusions that made his name.

The exhibition is subtitled “Big Idea” and, along with what’s on display, there are a series of Discussing Darwin hoe-downs, at which expert guests will talk about the various controversies that Darwin’s theories brought about.

Darwin Big Idea Big Exhibition runs until 19 April. For opening times and ticket info Click here.