MICHAEL SHEEN is to take on the role of Tony Blair for the third time, in a movie based on the former Prime Minister’s friendship with Bill Clinton.

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Called The Special Relationship, the film will star Dennis Quaid as ex-President Clinton, Julianne Moore as Hilary Clinton and Helen McCrory as Cherie Blair.

Directing will be Peter Morgan, who penned the multi-Oscar nominated Frost/Nixon.

“Everything that happened pre-9/11 is now Jurassic history and we’ve completely forgotten it and therefore to explore what happened 10 or 15 years ago is really interesting,” said Morgan of The Special Relationship.

Morgan sees the new movie as the final part in a Blair trilogy, parts one and two being The Deal and The Queen, both of which starred Sheen. McCrory played Cherie in The Queen.

“I’m trying to tell in metaphor the story of the Bush years, so I’m hoping that all the questions you’d want me to tackle about Bush and Blair will be tackled in microcosm in Blair/Clinton,” Morgan explained.

Rumours that Gordon Brown is to be played by Ricky Gervais remain unconfirmed.