Sir Ian Blair Plus 'CSI' Equals Justice for Stephen Lawrence

Met Boy Racers Given a ‘Speaking To’

MET POLICE officers who boasted about their car crash antics have been handed written warnings and a “speaking to”.

The 23 officers involved in swapping stories and photos of their smashing approach to road safety on Facebook were first discovered in January, after which the Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair called their behaviour “totally unacceptable”.

“Fourteen officers received written warnings and four were given a speaking to. Another five had unofficial words in their ear,” announced a spokesperson for the Met.

Among the lurid boy-racer style tales was one in which an officer posted a comment about crashing into an OAPs car:

“I did him a favour. At 82 years old you just shouldn’t be on the road and if you are, then most certainly don’t go through a green light into the path of an innocent police car.”

Another poster waxed lyrical of how he, “ran over a drunk. I believe he has a permanent limp and a hefty payout. I was given a three-month holiday from job driving. Ooh, bummer.”

In a third entry to the Facebook pages called Look I’ve Had a Pocol [Police Collision], readers were asked if they could beat a four-crash in two-years record.