London’s taxis have once again been voted the best in the world, this time in a survey of 2,683 travellers for

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The famous black cabs drew 22% of the votes in the poll, leaving second placed New York City, which took 10%, as a tiny dot in the rear-view mirror. Tokyo came third on 9%.

It is the sixth year on the trot that London has taken first place in taxi survey.

“Of the 30 countries surveyed, London topped the list across five of the seven categories, including cleanliness (23%), knowledge of the area (27%) and quality of driving (30%),” said a spokesperson.

“Iconic black Hackney Carriages and their well informed cabbies can pride themselves on being globally recognised for their expert knowledge and quality of driving.”

London was also top for safety, but fell below New York’s yellow cab fleet when it came to the availability category, while Londoners emerged as the fruitiest cab-passengers, 14% of us confessing to passionate behaviour in the back of a taxi, compared to a world average on 4%.

The world’s best taxis according to voters:
1. London – 22%
2. New York – 10%
3. Tokyo – 9%
4. Berlin – 5%
5. Amsterdam – 4%
5. Madrid – 4%
5. Mexico City – 4%