LONDON is the capital of alcohol-fuelled crime, according to a new survey out today.

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Across the UK as a whole, there were 8.1 drink-related crimes per thousand people in the 2009/2010 period.

In London the equivalent figure was 12.2 per thousand, the worst result in the country, in research published by a team at Liverpool John Moores University’s Centre for Public Health.

On the plus side, London came out relatively well on measures for drinking levels per person and the level of illness linked to alcohol.

But the latter results suggest that it takes many fewer drinks to push punchy Londoners into crime.

Within London, north Londoners emerged bleary eyed from the survey as the capital’s sickest boozers, in the top group of five, ranked in terms of amount of alcohol harm suffered.

South west Londoners were in the most alcohol-harm-free group, while east and west London were placed between the two, in the below average drinking harm levels group.