AS IF BEING done by the ref in last night’s Champions’ League match wasn’t enough, Chelsea star Ashley Cole is now under attack from Lily Allen.

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“He is the worst, he disgusts me,” Allen told French magazine SoFoot.

“He jumps on everything that moves. I am not criticising just to criticise, but I have met him several times. He is revolting.”

Allen then went on to advise Cole and his “stupid” football pals not “to show off in London.”

“They go out everywhere they can find alcohol for too much money and sex for nothing,” she added.

It should be said that Allen supports Fulham, Chelsea’s local rivals, but even so her diatribe against the England international is off the usual celeb infighting scale.

Ashley’s wife, X Factor panelist Cheryl, also felt the sharp end of Allen’s tongue.

“She is just a bitch,” judged the Smile singer. “She represents everything I hate; she is stupid, superficial and as ugly outside as inside.”

The background to all this bitterness is that in 2007, Cheryl called Lily a “chick with a d*ck”.

One consolation for the Coles is that they weren’t the only ones to get it in the neck.

“The Beckhams are sickening,” Allen said. “Everyone knows Victoria is a monster. I’d rather shoot myself between the eyes than be a WAG.”