LONDON is to get a dose of Law and Order US style after it was revealed that TV company NBC is to make a version of its long running show over here.

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According to reports in the US TV trade press, NBC is to form a partnership with British independent production company Kudos, creator of Life on Mars and Spooks, to make the series.

Both of those Kudos productions were shown on BBC, but Law and Order: London, as the new show is due to be called, is set to appear on ITV, starting with a 13 episode series.

Law and Order is now in its 18th season on NBC, a record for a crime show, and has already been exported to both France and Russia, where plots used previously on the US original have been reworked. Rumours suggest the same scenario for the London version.

Production of the new show is set to begin this summer, says Stephen Garrett, managing director of Kudos.