Kate Moss is being investigated by her local council.

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The British supermodel has run into difficulties with her London home after a series of cracks appeared in her garden wall, rendering it unsafe, while her sewage system also appears to have problems.

Following complaints from local residents, Camden Council have launched an investigation. One local resident told the Daily Mirror: “I think the wall is an accident waiting to happen. Young children walk past it every day on the way to school and it looks as if it could topple over at any time.

“There is a huge crack right through the middle of it and Kate needs to do something about it.”

A council spokesperson confirmed they have been examining the 34-year-old’s house, saying: “The wall was inspected by our building control team and there is a problem.

“We have written to the owner to tell them they need to deal with the problem.”

Officers are also reportedly beginning an investigation into the sewage problem plaguing Kate’s neighbourhood, with many residents blaming the supermodel’s lack of action.