Day of the Bikes Looms

CENTRAL London will be invaded by tens of thousands of bikes this Sunday (23 September) for the first London Freewheel, an event set to become an annual tribute to all things pedal power.

Organisers have filled the maximum allowed 38,000 registrations for Freewheel, which involves roads being closed off to nasty old, smoky old, exhaust traffic in favour of cyclists, who get to ride past some of London’s most famous sights unflustered.

“Its a chance to enjoy a view of London you’ve never seen before,” Mark Watts from the Mayor of London’s Office, told cyclists taking part. “You can pedal at your leisure past sights like The Houses of Parliament, the Thames and Buckingham Palace.”

Partly run by the London Mayor’s office and sponsored by Hovis, who are providing free sandwiches for participants, Freewheel is expected to become an annual fixture on the calendar.

“This Sunday’s unique,” said a spokesperson for the London Cycling Campaign, another of the event’s organisers. “It’s like the first London marathon or first Glastonbury.”

More info on the Hovis London Freewheel here