BORIS JOHNSON has made good on one of his election pledges by announcing a ban on drinking alcohol on public transport.

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“From 1 June the drinking of alcohol will be banned from the tube, tram, bus, and Docklands Light Railway,” Johnson said today. “I firmly believe that if we drive out so-called minor crime then we will be able to get a firm grip on more serious crime.”

A ban on alcohol on overground trains is outside the power of the Mayor.

During his successful run to become London’s Mayor, Johnson placed crime, especially youth crime, at the top of his priority list and it looks like the alcohol ban is just the start.

Yesterday Johnson set out further policies which he hopes will reduce street crime, including airport-style security measures in stations and Saturday schools for young offenders, which would combine “discipline and punishment” with education.

“We aren’t going to crack our problem unless we systematically attempt to deal with the causes,” said Johnson.